How To Start A Cru Ministry At Your School
Step # 1: Pray
Prayer is how we ignite God’s power in any situation. In John 15:16, Jesus tells His disciples, “You did not choose me, but I chose you to go bear fruit-fruit that will last. Then the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.” Clearly, sharing the gospel message is something that God wants us to do. When our prayers are in line with the purposes of God, He promises that He will give us anything we ask! And this verse tells us that God had chosen us. So if your hearts’ desire is to begin a ministry in your school, know that God placed that desire in your heart and you were chosen by Him. So begin by going to God in prayer, for God’s heart delights in us when we rely on Him.

Step # 2: Get the word out and recruit help and support.
Use any tools you have at your disposal to let others know of your intentions such as twitter, facebook and e-mail. There are probably other Christians in your school that share your desire. Start letting people know in your home church and youth ministry about your plan. Talk to your parents and teachers who you believe to be Christians, they may have valuable information to share about ministries that may already exist and who to talk to on an administrative level. Once you have recruited help from people that share your vision, go back to step one and pray together.
Lastly don’t forget to talk to us at Cru! This is what we do. We are here to help you!

Step # 3: Talk to school administration.
You will need to let the school administration know of your plans to begin a ministry at your school.
Begin by talking to your guidance counselor or dean, someone who you know and who knows you.
Get information on what the school/district policy is on faith-based ministries.
Decide on a time and place that will work with the school schedule and with your ministry goals.